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Am I eligible for Canadian Work Permit?

Right now! Wilson Walker is looking for 100,000 Foreign Workers, for below mentioned Job Categories.

For a valid Work Permit in Canada you need a Job Offer Letter from Canadian Employer / Company, below is the list of job categories in which you may apply and Canada have vacancies. If you have experince in any of below mentioned category, you may apply for a Job/Work Permit

Note: We keep your privacy and only share your data with Canadian Employers.
Sr. Job Categories Select Category
1 Office and Personal assistants Apply Now!
2 Helpdesk, Telephone Operators Apply Now!
3 Human resources and Purchasing managers Apply Now!
4 Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management Apply Now!
5 Category Consultant, Manager, Specialist Apply Now!
6 Financial and Investment Analysts Apply Now!
7 Financial Managers and Accountants Apply Now!
8 Other financial officers Apply Now!
9 Financial auditors and accountants Apply Now!
10 Supervisors, finance and insurance officers and workers Apply Now!
11 Communications and Broadcasting Services Apply Now!
12 Home building, renovation managers, Architects, Interior designers Apply Now!
13 Natural resource production and fishing Apply Now!
14 Construction, manufacturing managers Apply Now!
15 Security agents, investment dealers and brokers Apply Now!
16 Professionals in advertising, sales & marketing and printing Apply Now!
17 Property administrators and Real estate experts Apply Now!
18 Geoscientists and oceanographers Apply Now!
19 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers Apply Now!
20 Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety Apply Now!
21 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners Apply Now!
22 University Professors and Lecturers, Instructors, Translators Apply Now!
23 Early childhood educators, assistants and teachers Apply Now!
24 Gym Instructors, Gym Trainer, Gym Assistant Apply Now!
25 Farmers, Agricultural Experts Apply Now!
26 Information systems analysts and consultants Apply Now!
27 Database analysts and data administrators Apply Now!
28 Software Engineers and IT professionals Apply Now!
29 Computer programmers and interactive media developers Apply Now!
30 Network technicians, Network Administrators Apply Now!
31 Website Developer, and Internet marketer, Graphic Designers Apply Now!
32 Content Writers, technical writers, publication Apply Now!
33 Terminologists, proof readers and interpreters Apply Now!
34 Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service Apply Now!
35 Drillers & Blasters, Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction Apply Now!
36 Heavy-Duty Equipment and Motor Mechanics Apply Now!
37 Crane, Bulldozer and Dumper Operators Apply Now!
38 Electricians, Plumbers (Industrial & Domestic) Apply Now!
39 Welders & Related Machine Operators Apply Now!
40 Carpentry and Mechanic Supervisors Apply Now!
41 General Labour, General Helper, Warehouse Labour, Yard Worker Apply Now!
42 Janitorial Cleaner Apply Now!
43 Brake and Shear Operator, Lawn maintenance crew Apply Now!
44 Golf course and Swimming Pool maintenance staff Apply Now!
45 Snow Removal worker, Windows and Door Cleaners Apply Now!
46 Ship yard Workers, Packing Apply Now!
47 Farm Workers, Store custodians, guards Apply Now!
48 Heavy and Light vehicle Drivers Apply Now!
49 Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers Apply Now!
50 Aerospace engineers Apply Now!
51 Petroleum Engineers, Mining Engineer, Geological engineers Apply Now!
52 Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians Apply Now!
53 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics Apply Now!
54 Nursing coordinators and supervisors Apply Now!
55 Nurses and Care givers Apply Now!
56 General Practitioners and Family Physicians, Gynecologist Apply Now!
57 Dentists, Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists Apply Now!
58 Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational therapists Apply Now!
59 Specialist and homeopathic Physicians Apply Now!
60 Pharmacists and Chemists Apply Now!
61 Dieticians and nutritionists Apply Now!
62 Paramedical occupations, Managers in health care Apply Now!
63 Specialist physicians, Dermatologist Apply Now!
64 Operation Theater Assistant, Medical radiation technologists Apply Now!
65 Biologists and Related Scientists Apply Now!
66 Veterinary physician, Veterinary assistant Apply Now!
67 Medical laboratory technologists Apply Now!
68 Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic Apply Now!
69 Chefs, Cooks, Dish Washers, Kitchen Helper, Butcher Apply Now!
70 Waiters, waitresses, Maids, Housekeeping, Front desk Officers Apply Now!
71 Hotel, Restaurant and Food Managers, Assistant Managers Apply Now!
72 Hotel Sale Associates Apply Now!
Yes, I have experince in one of above mentioned category