Jobs that do not need a work permit

Athletes and coaches

Foreign teams, athletes and coaches competing in Canada.

Aviation accident or incident investigators

Accredited agents or advisers working on an aviation accident or incident investigation being done under the
Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.

Business visitors

Business visitors who come to Canada to do business activities but are not part of the Canadian labour market.

Civil aviation inspectors

Inspectors who check the flight operations or cabin safety of commercial airlines during international flights.


People who work as ordained ministers, lay persons or members of a religious order. Their duties may include
preaching doctrine, leading worship or giving spiritual counselling.

Convention organizers

People who organize or run international meetings or conventions.

Crew members

Crew members, such as crew truck drivers and shipping and airline workers.

Emergency service providers

People who help out in an emergency, if they are here to help preserve life or property.
Emergencies include natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, or industrial accidents that threaten the environment.

Examiners and evaluators

Professors and academic experts who evaluate or supervise academic projects, research proposals or
university theses. They may work for Canadian research groups or schools.

Expert witnesses or investigators

Experts who give evidence before a regulatory body, tribunal or court of law.

Foreign government officers

Government officials coming to work in Canada must bring a formal letter if they will work here for more than three months.

Foreign representatives

Diplomats and official representatives of other countries or the United Nations and their staff.

Health care students

Foreign health care students doing clinical clerkships or working in Canada for a short period of time

Judges, referees and similar officials

Officials at international amateur competitions who will judge or be officials for artistic or cultural events

Military personnel

Members of an armed force of another country, if they have movement orders stating that they are entering
Canada under the terms of the Visiting Forces Act.

News reporters, film and media crews

People who are news reporters or members of their crews, film or media crews.

Performing artists

Foreign artists and their key support staff (people vital to the performance),

Public speakers

Guest speakers, commercial speakers or seminar leaders who speak or give training, if the event is no longer than five days.